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Tourism has completed changed since the advent on the Internet. Gone are the days of people looking at hotel brochures provided by tour operators, where tourists select a destination based on a few pictures of hotels and a single paragraph about the destination or beach. Potential tourists want more in depth but concise information about the destination. When a Greek tourism destination is marketed collectively as a single entity made up of a collection of operators, then the measurable benefits to the destination are much much greater.

With too much information on too many internet platforms for the destination, the information will not provide any measurable benefit to the destination. The clearer, current and concise the online presence and marketing of the destination will be, the more engagement will come from tourists.

Go2Greece is a single platform Business Promotion tool designed especally for Greek Tourism and Destination Management/Promotion

Why Social Media is not the solution Social Media, is a social platform and not a Tourism Destination Promotion Platform. It is imposible to promote a destination using social media, as all of the business doing this are using seperate feeds and accounts. It is not an inefficient using of business time and resources. A tourism business want and needs to focus on the Business and not the Business Promotion. People do not go on holiday to a single business, they go on holiday to a destination, so unless the business is promoted as part of the destination, then it does not serve much purpose.

At Go2Greece we fully understand that the collective marketing of all the Businesses in a tourism destination will produce much greater results than marketing the tourism businesses and experiences individually and independently. Greek tourists from all over the world are now much more discerning and will look to destinations offering authentic experiences through the collective businesses and opportunities available there.

How do I add my Business to the Go2Greece Platform ? If you are in Malia, Stalis, Sissi or Hersonissos in Crete in 2022, it will have been added automaticly. If not you can Register on Go2Greece platform and add your business. We only need 4 bits of Information. We need the Business Name, Business Type, 200 word Business Description, Map Location and Photograph

Go2Greece has registered and owns all of the Tourist Island and Destinations as domain Names Over the next 36 Months, Go2Greece will be promoting most of the Destinations in Greece. We understand each destination is completly different to the next one. The Go2Greece platform will promote each of the destination business as well as the unique characteristics of each Individual location.

Destination Promotion is only sucessful if all of the tourism and service business are promoted equally inline with the local values of that destination
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